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Upcoming 2018 Summer Maintenance

Hello Everyone,

We get asked all the time; "What are the next improvements you guys have planned for the course?"

And since one of our main goals is to try our best to keep everyone well informed about what our plans and goals are at the course, here is what we have planned coming up:

First of all, we had the course fertilized wall to wall yesterday. That means that the fairways, tee boxes, and immediate rough was covered in a granular fertilizer that will help get that dormant bermuda grass back thriving again. If you come out and play in the next couple days, you will notice the fertilizer before it is engulfed by the soil.

Speaking of the soil out here, we recently had soil samples taken from the tees, fairways, and greens (something that I am sure hasn't been done in many, many years out here). These samples showed a severe lack of many elements and very unbalanced pH levels. This is one of the reasons that the bermuda grass has not thrived here in years past. We have a great plan of introducing many chemicals and treatments to the soil over the next couple months that will help make it fertile once again.

We also have a series of treatments we will be giving the greens beginning next week which will help the tifdwarf come back strong as ever. We also recently applied a treatment of fungicide to the greens to treat the affected areas you may have noticed over the past week or so.

The next step after the chemical treatment process will be to aerate the course. Our plan is to aerate the greens early in May to help promote new growth and allow the soil to breath. We will also be aerating the healthy fairway areas and pull the plugs from those areas, to grow into the struggling areas. This way will allow us to introduce these bad areas to already healthy plugs of bermuda, that when watered in properly, will grow in very nicely. This also allows us to simply rope off these areas while the plugs are taking instead of closing holes, or entire fairways while we try to plant new seed, which will not take to the soil as well as the healthy plugs will anyway.

The chemical treatment program, along with the aeration and proper maintenance of the course over the next few months will show us where we are at so we can reevaluate come July-September (optimal growing months in Florida). Unfortunately, since the course was neglected for so many years, we will need to be ready to make changes on the fly if other issues we are currently unaware of arise. However, we feel this is a great plan heading into the summer and can't tell you how excited we are to get the course back into the great shape we know it can once again be.